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Buttons – ceramic

These beautiful buttons, made from porcelain are hand made in France by a professional artist who’s company holds an award from the French government for keeping this wonderful industry alive. The award is only given to the finest artisans.

Buttons made by this small artisan business have graced garments made by the very top couture houses.

They are made by hand to order and are like small works of art. Multiple firings, up to five times, produce a glassy finish which renders the buttons waterproof and light. They are glazed front and back and have a small metal shank. Wash by hand.

I absolutely love them and hope you will also. There are just five designs at the moment and stock is limited.

Sizes may vary slightly.

1 porcelain button
Pinky peach colour glazed with peaks.
The tips of the peaks are glazed silver.
Size: 18mm

£7.50 each sold out

1 porcelain button
Pale apricot flower shape with raised edges and centre.
The raised areas are edged with metallic gold colour
Gold colour metal shank.
Size: 18mm

£7.50 each sold out

1 porcelain button. Blue / grey glazed with metallic
dark grey star indents.
Silver colour metal shank.
Size: 22mm

£7.50 each sold out

1 porcelain button
Round shape green glaze with a glassy finish.
The inner circle and edge are glazed with dark grey metallic finish.
Silver metal shank
Size: 16mm

£7.50 each sold out

1 porcelain button
Blue glassy glaze with grey metallic raised ridges.
Silver colour metal shank
Size: 17mm

£7.50 each sold out